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Meet the Pack - Program Managers

Cece Koplin
ABC Lead Program Manager

ABC is proud to introduce their new Certified Grooming Instruction Program Manager, Cece Koplin. Cece comes to ABC with over a decade of grooming experience and is eager to teach ABC students the art of grooming.

Cece first got her start in the pet industry as a teenager when she was hired as a horse groomer. It was at that point that she realized she had a gift for working with animals; she calls it a “gentle touch”.

Throughout most of her life, grooming was just a hobby to Cece. However, after working as a Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a computer company for several years, Cece decided to re-evaluate her career path and chose to dive back into the grooming world.

Cece diligently did her research and, using her natural gift with animals, created “A Dog’s Life Grooming Salon and Spa.” Cece’s salon employed twelve other professional groomers and was equipped with pet suites rather than cages for her clients.

Upon learning about the Program Manager position for ABC’s Certified Grooming Instruction course, Cece was intrigued. She loved that the ABC curriculum includes gentle grooming techniques and that she could be a part of teaching them.

Cece believes that having a certificate truly helps groomers attract customers and gain credibility for their business. “There are no licenses for dog groomers,” Cece explains. “So having a certificate from a college showing that you took the time to learn and research about what you are doing, really tells customers that you have the knowledge and training to handle their dog properly.”

Cece knows that when animals are well-groomed, they look and feel their best. Knowing that she is a part of this process is rewarding and teaching it to others is extremely fulfilling. Cece looks forward to helping you reach your goals of working with animals.


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