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Job Highlight: Doggie Daycare

After you graduate from a veterinary assistant school such as ABC, there are a wide range of career choices in front of you. For some people, working as a vet tech in a veterinary office is the right choice. But if you are interested in a different, more eclectic career choice, you might want to consider working at a "Doggie Daycare" facility.

While veterinary offices and other facilities may offer boarding services for dogs if their owners are going on vacation, Doggie Daycare facilities take this concept to the next level. These are places where dogs and other pets aren't just cared for by a veterinary assistant but lavished with attention. In some cases, people choose to take their pets there on a daily basis while they go to work, frequently because they have behavioral problems when left alone in their home.

Working at a Doggie Daycare can be one of the most rewarding animal jobs that you can find after leaving school. Each dog will have different needs based on their temperament and level of activity; you'll work with each individual owner to develop a daily routine that keeps their pets happy and healthy. This could include playing outside with other dogs or getting treats all for themselves.

Of course, there will be other duties that you will need to do that will require some of the training you learned as a veterinary assistant. You'll be responsible for their well-being, including grooming them and making sure they have plenty of food and water and are also picked up after. The skills you learned in school might also come in handy in case a pet becomes ill or has a medical emergency.

Veterinary assistant schools such as ABC prepare students for careers in all sorts of fields, and Doggie Daycare staffing is one of the most unique and colorful career paths available to you. Contact us to learn more about our programs and how you can get started on the path to working in this field today.




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