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Veterinary Assistant Program Basics

Can I hold a full-time job for the duration of your program?

Yes! Our veterinary assistant program curriculum involves study from home with the added opportunity of working with a professional in a veterinary hospital environment. Our candidates study during the hours they set and submit work by specified deadlines. You can complete it in as little as 50 weeks or a maximum of 75.

Does your program help me with job searching?

Yes! As students near the end of our program, they complete a 21-day career-building course. Students learn the fundamentals of career building and how to apply them to secure a position as an ABC Certified Veterinary Assistant. We give special attention to job searching for various animal jobs , how to write resumes, compensation details, how to interview successfully, and points on maintaining job security. We also provide insight on how attitude influences your career, how to set yourself up for success, and the importance of financial planning. 

Where will I get the information to study in your program?

We have a comprehensive curriculum that you won’t find in veterinary assistant schools! We believe that reading material is important, but we also focus on important visual aspects of veterinary work. Students use the following materials as part of our program:

Textbooks: The written portion is included in three textbooks. Each stage of your study contains detailed information and tools that you will need as you pursue a career in the veterinary industry.

Illustrations: Students receive detailed illustrations with descriptions of common breeds of dogs and cats. These visual aids help students learn to identify future patients in a veterinary hospital setting. In addition, study guides are provided to direct candidates through each component of the program. The main purpose of study guides is reinforcing pertinent information reviewed in the course textbooks.

Does anyone guide me through the program?

When studying from the privacy of home, students need a resource for a variety of questions about our program, coursework, and other topics related to work as a vet assistant. For this reason, we appoint an ABC Program Manager to each new student to provide guidance, answer questions, and grade your exams. Shortly after you enroll, your personal Program Manager will contact you to help you get acquainted and welcome you to the program. At that time, you will receive a toll free number and email address for contacting the Program Manager for any future inquiries or assistance as you are on your way to becoming a veterinary assistant.

I keep seeing information about the AVTE. What is that?

The Association of Veterinary Technician Educators (AVTE) was founded in 1973 to promote professional education to veterinary technology students in the United States and Canada. This organization advocates cooperation among organizations, institutions, and parties interested in veterinary technology. The AVTE is credited for campaigning for the practice acts, laws, and regulations that govern the profession of veterinary technology. The ABC Veterinary Assistant curriculum is designed to teach students the essential skills for a career as a veterinary assistant as published by the Association of Veterinary Technician Educators (AVTE).




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