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Traits of Natural Dog Trainers

Dog trainers help families and animals live peacefully together. Families and individuals often need help teaching dogs basic behaviors that make the difference between a happy home and a hectic one. While trainers often do teach animals tricks like sitting down, rolling over, and standing up, dog training also involves life-saving skills, such as “come!” and other behaviors such as resisting begging for food at the table, sleeping in a designated area, and staying calm on cue. Not just anyone can be a dog trainer. To be successful, a person with this type of animal career must love dogs; work well and patiently with animals; and must also be able to communicate well with people in order to understand what clients need and clearly explain the training process, role of the animal trainer, and potential results.
What kind of person makes the best animal trainer?

  • Animal trainers genuinely enjoy animals.
  • Have clear communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Enjoy teaching and are naturally patient with repetition.
  • Thrive in a contact environment that offers flexible scheduling.

How much experience does an animal trainer need?
Many animal behavioral trainers begin by training their own pets at home. Some love to train dogs so much that they go on to get official training and certification. These individuals often venture into their own businesses, and in this case, training makes the difference between a reliable establishment and one with questionable credentials.  For this reason, it is recommended that anyone who endeavors to own an animal training business pursue official training and certification. 

Can animal trainers make a large profit?
Americans reportedly spend over $30 billion a year on their pets. The demand for animal products and services is still high because people view their pets as family members, plus not just anyone can train animals—even those who love them most. For this reason, many families call on a dog trainer for help--even when money is tight. For anyone who has recently begun to explore animal training, this is encouraging news.


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