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Dog Training Schools Everywhere In The US & In Your Area

Got a training location near you?  Absolutely!  Animal Behavior College, Inc. (ABC) is proud to offer our Dog Training Instructor Program in all 50 states and in Canada. We have the ability to bring the classroom right to your living room and the externship right to your neighborhood.  Whether you live in a small town in North Dakota or in a large city like Los Angeles or New York City, we can accommodate your needs. You will not need to relocate and you can study at your own pace while you are employed full time.  Make Animal Behavior College your choice for an exciting new animal career!

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Animal Behavior College is a private vocational school approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education under the California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009 and Title 5. California Code of Regulations Division 7.5. Private Postsecondary Education. The Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education approval means that this institution and its operation comply with the standards established under the law for occupational instruction by private postsecondary educational institutions. Institutional approval is subject to continual review and the institution must reapply for approval every three years.
Information on Dog Training Schools
Brooklyn Dog Training schools breathe life in new job opportunities for people with a passion for dogs.  If you’ve ever thought of making a career change in these challenging times, you may want to explore the possibility of a Brooklyn dog trainer course.  more...
One of the most rewarding jobs in animal care is to become certified in Calgary Dog Training.  For Canadians who love animals, becoming a professional obedience instructor requires attending a reputable program through one of the Calgary Alberta dog training schools.  more...
The ‘windy city’ is a dog loving city.  Chicago Dog Training programs abound yet do you know how to find the most effective training programs?  For individuals looking to follow their passion and become a certified professional, knowing what to look for in Chicago dog trainer schools can be dauntingmore...
Edmonton Dog Trainers can be great resources when beginning your search to locate Edmonton Alberta dog obedience programs.  Since not all programs are equal, current trainers can lend important insight into the essential components of a program that will help you establish credentials and professionalism in the field of animal behavior. more...
If you have a passion for training, dogs, and their owners, you may want to investigate Las Vegas Dog Training programs and become a Certified Dog Trainer.  The best dog training schools in Las Vegas will prepare you for a rewarding career as a pet professional. more...
If you love animals, a Los Angeles dog training career could be the perfect blend of work and pleasure for you.  In order to be successful as a Los Angeles dog trainer, however, you need a solid education that gives you all the skills needed to train dogs properly.  The right credentials are also crucial in order to show dog owners that you are a true professional. more...
Entering the world of New York Dog Training can be very rewarding for individuals with a passion for dogs.  It blends the best of both worlds; providing solid skills for both dogs and their owners. There are numerous Dog training schools in New York. more...
An Oceanside Dog Training career is one of the most rewarding job opportunities available for those southern Californians who love animals and want to become a certified professional.  Individuals looking to work in the animal care industry should seriously consider Oceanside dog trainer jobs.  To find the best jobs will require a proper education along with the passion for pets and their training. more...
As a dog-loving town, Portland Oregon Dog Training Schools offer great opportunities for animal lovers who seek a career as a Portland dog trainer.  However, locating the most effective dog trainer school that will meet your learning needs can prove to be a little tricky. more...
Becoming a San Diego Dog Trainer when you have a passion for dogs and the people who care for them, can be the best of both worlds.  When exploring  San Diego Dog Training Careers it is important to know what you need to learn before entering this profession in Southern California. more...
To become a San Francisco dog trainer, some people simply start advertising that they are dog trainers; but without the proper education and a solid knowledge of dogs they won’t stay in business long.  San Francisco residents love their dogs and are willing to pay top dollar for professional, reliable training for their pets. They won’t tolerate a dog trainer who doesn’t provide effective, compassionate training. more...



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