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Kimberly Davis ABCDT

Media & PR Contact
  Angela Peña, Director of Media and Public Relations
  888-338-7778 (direct)
Friday, April 01, 2011 : 9:52:25 AM
Kimberly Davis felt she was on a mission, much like her husband, who serves in the military. Kimberly's mission was to help dogs with behavioral issues to avoid ever having to go to a shelter again. This goal was furthered along by her knowledge that she gained by attending and graduating from Animal Behavior College's (ABC) Certified Dog Training program.

As the spouse of a military employee, Kimberly Davis was eligible to receive a fully paid education at ABC through the military's MyCAA benefits. Kimberly chose ABC because they specialized in animal career training. As a military-friendly college, all ABC courses can be completed from anywhere in the U.S. and Canada which makes the program an innate fit for military spouses. What's more, ABC careers are all mobile, which means that any graduate has a highly-desired skill they can take with them anywhere in the country. Maybe mention they can

Kimberly's lives in Fayetteville North Carolina where her husband is an Army Communications Specialist at Fort Bragg. She has two dogs, named Little Foot and Jack, a lab retriever mix and a Chihuahua, who are best friends. Kimberly did attend school for an arts education in hopes of becoming an art teacher before she attended ABC. Kimberly then found out about ABC and the MyCAA program and she just recently graduated in February as a Certified Dog Trainer. She also became an ABC Certified Veterinary Assistant. Her reason for the dog training was simple: She once had to give up a dog to a shelter due to behavioral issues and wanted to learn how to train dogs to avoid ever having to send any dog to a shelter again.

Kimberly fully enjoyed her experience with ABC. She feels that she is now able to understand dog behavior much better and is calmer around her own dogs. In the past, she would often get upset because she did not understand or know how to communicate with her dogs. Now she understands how to build a good relationship with all dogs. In fact her favorite part of the training program was "getting into the minds' of dogs and understanding why they do what they do".

The other great part about the ABC program for Kimberly was the mobility of the program. "My husband got deployed in the middle of my training, so I started in NC moved to GA then came back to NC. ABC made the transition easy. I did not have to quit school or lose one day of learning. Not only did I get to take my school with me when he was deployed to Afghanistan, the program gave me the flexibility to take time to spend with him before he left. This made things much easier for me emotionally

Kimberly now works at Bed and Biscuit Doggie Day Care and is looking to expand her horizons even more. "I really enjoy working with dogs especially and I am always ready to learn more as I can't wait to help others. I want to train my dogs and other dogs so that they can be therapy dogs", Kimberly says. "This has opened up a whole new direction for my life. I have always loved dogs but never realized how much I wanted a career working with them."

"I would recommend ABC to military spouses as it was so easy to make a move", Kimberly says. "I feel like the training was so thorough and my externship mentor was so positive. I like positive training", Kimberly adds. Mission accomplished.