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Jacob Guell, ABCDT

Thursday, February 25, 2010 : 3:54:02 PM
Updated Thursday, February 25, 2010 : 3:55:38 PM
Jacob Guell, ABCDT, was a clinical psychology major at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the summer of 2007. His fascination for human behavior brought him to the realization that as an animal lover, his true passion laid in understanding dogs and their behavior.

While still attending school, Jacob made the decision to enroll at Animal Behavior College to become a Certified Dog Trainer. Today, just two years later, Jacob is currently teaching between 23-25 group classes a week at Petsmart.

“The Petsmart store that hired me as a dog trainer was one of the least successful ones in the district. Now within eight months, I have turned the store around and we are now the leading store in the district. I have built a very large base in pet training sales for the store so far this year,” he says.

Jacob believes that the major difference between himself and other dog trainers is that he has completed the ABC Certified Dog Trainer course. Jacob knew that when he applied for his job at Petsmart that he was competing against other qualified applicants. He knows that the reason he was hired was because of his certification from Animal Behavior College and the reputation and experience that come along with that title.

“Without ABC I wouldn’t be where I am now,” says Jacob. “ABC gave me the knowledge and ability to make a huge difference when working with dogs. When I tell people I’m Certified as a dog trainer, they really start to listen,” he says.

Jacob had always been a natural when it came to working with dogs. This natural ability coupled with his background in psychology and his education from ABC is what made him a success. “I naturally had a talent for dog training, ABC just sharpened it for me,” said Jacob.

Jacob believes that ABC’s in-home study program with hands-on training was the key to his well-rounded education. “Many people think they can read a book and become a dog trainer, it’s not true, you need to actually work with a professional trainer to really understand how to train a dog,” says Jacob.

The ABC course was designed to ensure that students not only get a strong theoretical understanding of how animals behave and learn, but also an equally strong emphasis on hands-on training. ABC pairs their students up with local professional Mentor Trainers that act as their instructors, bringing all they have learned to life in real training situations.

As a Certified Dog Trainer, Jacob has managed to build up a large clientele for himself, he even has clients who drive over 40 miles just to bring their dogs to his group classes. He believes that the positive motivation training techniques he learned at ABC are what make him such an effective trainer. Once his clients see the results first-hand with their dogs, word of mouth spreads and his clientele continues to grow.

Jacob’s tremendous success as a professional dog trainer has lead him to aspire to one day open his own dog training business. “Being a dog trainer has given me a different outlook on life, working with puppies especially has shown me I’m going to be a great dad,” he said jokingly.

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