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Press Room : Success Stories

4/1/2011 Dawn Kalinowski ABCDT
Dawn Kalinowski, ABCDT, has loved animals her whole life, but it wasn’t until Dawn started volunteering at a local animal shelter that she believed her love of animals could actually become her career. Dawn says, “I realized that I had been bitten by...
4/1/2011 Jennifer Barr ABCDT
Jennifer Barr ABCDT, has worked with dogs practically her entire life. From the age of 11 she volunteered at a local rescue and studied dog training on her own. She was a self-taught dog trainer and dog groomer and once managed one of the busiest boa...
4/1/2011 Lynnda Ferguson ABCVA
Lynnda Ferguson ABCVA, had an successful acting career that spanned over two decades but she felt that something was missing in her life. She was scared to make a change until a fight for her life with cancer changed everything. She says, “My true pa...
4/1/2011 Kimberly Davis ABCDT
Kimberly Davis felt she was on a mission, much like her husband, who serves in the military. Kimberly’s mission was to help dogs with behavioral issues to avoid ever having to go to a shelter again. This goal was furthered along by her knowledge th...
9/1/2010 Elena Meyer ABCDT, ABCVA
Elena Meyer needed to find a career college that would fit her unique lifestyle as a military spouse. Elena and her husband, who is currently stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska are often relocated making flexibility a must.

As a child, Elena wa...
9/1/2010 Michelle Blackwood ABCDT
Michelle Blackwood, ABCDT, is a military mother and wife who has managed to balance her responsibilities - raising a family while training for a new career at Animal Behavior College to become a Certified Dog Trainer.

Michelle is a proud mot...
9/1/2010 Ashley Jeanes ABCDT
Ashley Jeanes, ABCDT, and a recent graduate of Animal Behavior College’s Certified Dog Obedience Instructor Training Program has always professed a lifetime passion for dogs. In 2004, Ashley found herself in a position to reassess her career as a Ve...
5/19/2010 James Tilbrook, ABCDT
For James Tilbrook, ABCDT, becoming a Certified Dog Trainer was an easy decision. Growing up in Cambridge, England, James was involved with animals his whole life. Starting at the age of 16, and continuing into his adult years, he taught horse back r...
4/20/2010 Coleen Elliott, ABC Dog Obedience Training Instructor Student
Coleen Elliott knew she wanted a career working with dogs as soon as she graduated from high school. Being that her husband was in the military and they were living on base, Coleen also knew she needed a career that could move with her when her husba...
3/16/2010 Cynthia Peregolise, ABCDT
After witnessing the affects of animal cruelty first-hand at the rescue where they adopted their Pit Bulls, Cindy Peregolise and her husband, VJ, knew they had to do something to help. So, in September of 2007, Cindy and VJ founded Bikers Against An...
2/25/2010 Carl Delegato, ABCDT
In 2008, Carl Delegato, a general accountant, decided he could no longer work in a cubicle. and decided to pursue his dream of working with animals. Today, Carl and his wife, Sondra, own their own dog training business with plans to expand into a fu...
2/25/2010 Jacob Guell, ABCDT
Jacob Guell, ABCDT, was a clinical psychology major at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the summer of 2007. His fascination for human behavior brought him to the realization that as an animal lover, his true passion laid in understanding dog...
9/25/2009 Michelle Blackwood, ABCDT
Michelle Blackwood
Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer (ABCDT)

Michelle Blackwood, ABCDT, is a military mother and wife who has managed to balance her responsibilities – raising a family while training for a new career at Anima...
6/25/2009 Suzanne Applegate, ABCDT
After several years of sharing a mutual dream, Suzanne Applegate, ABCDT, and her husband Neal, a retired Boeing engineer, finally found the perfect property and built KennelKamp Village, a 12,000-square-foot dog boarding and training kennel. “It has ...
12/16/2008 First Place Winner of Tails of Triumph Story Contest - Donna Mullenix
My name is Donna Mullenix, formerly Donna Chenault when I went through the program. I decided to go to ABC because I saw a need for shelter dogs. I asked my local Humane Society, Tuscaloosa Humane at the time, why so many dogs were going un-adopted. ...
12/16/2008 Second Place Winner of Tails of Triumph Story Contest - Charlotte Mielziner
It was 1994 and I was a new mom. Not in the usual way. Valerie age 3 1/2, came to us from St. Petersburg, Russia. Her world exploded from the four walls of the orphanage to the freedom of the United States, full of new foods, clothes, toys and animal...
12/16/2008 Third Place Winner of Tails of Triumph Story Contest - Lorretta Pyeatt
I first met Stella in one of my Preschool classes. I knew Stella’s mom Beverly Adams well as she owns several wonderful rescue dogs and each and everyone of them have participated in Preschool dog training at Canine Academy. Beverly introduced me t...
12/3/2008 From Boardrooms to Dog Parks – Lina Cooke, ABCDT
Lina Cooke, ABCDT, has built a thriving dog training and pet services business, “ExecuPet,” thanks to her education from Animal Behavior College (ABC)’s Certified Dog Obedience Instructor training program. Since her graduation in September of 2008 an...
12/3/2008 Katie Whelpley, ABCDT
Like numerous kindhearted animal lovers, ABC Certified Dog Trainer Katie Whelpley began her dog training journey by volunteering with a rescue organization – Pound Buddies Rescue in Muskegon, Michigan. After fostering and training many homeless hound...
12/3/2008 Keen in Human and Animal Behavior – Darryl Thomas, ABCDT
As a character development and behavior specialist for elementary school kids, Darryl Thomas, ABCDT, has a keen understanding of behavior and strong sense of patience and compassion. Because of his Animal Behavior College (ABC) education, Darryl is n...
12/3/2008 Patient and Positive – Brett Ferguson, ABCDT and Cara Ferguson, ABCDT
Brett and Cara Ferguson, ABCDT are the proud owners of their own dog training business, “Dogs Gone Good.” Their lives are a lot different today from what they were at this time last year.

Like many other aspiring actors, Cara came out to ...
12/3/2008 Dances with Dogs – Ayda Sandoval, ABCDT
Dog dancing may sound a little odd to some people, but to Ayda Sandoval, ABCDT, it’s become an exciting part of her life. Ayda is a high school English teacher in Amado, Arizona who used to describe herself as a “cat person.” It wasn’t until she got...
12/3/2008 A Hero to Dogs Everywhere – Ann King, ABCDT
After volunteering at animal shelters for the past 20 years, Ann King, ABCDT, has truly become a hero to every dog she has had the chance to work with.

Ann has spent much of her time volunteering at local shelters working with their dog tr...
12/3/2008 Making a Difference in the Lives of Homeless Dogs – Joshua Cederbaum, ABCDT
As far as young entrepreneurs go, Joshua Cederbaum is definitely top dog. Joshua enrolled at Animal Behavior College (ABC) last year shortly after graduating college with a degree in liberal arts. Like many recent college graduates, he wasn’t quite s...
12/3/2008 One-Stop-Shop Doggie Daycare Owners - Joy Irizarry, ABCDT and Edgar Rivera, ABCDT
Joy Irizarry and Edgar Rivera have not only shared a great relationship but also a common dream of owning their own business. Although they weren’t quite sure what it would be, the couple always knew their goal involved owning their own business. Li...
12/3/2008 Barry Rosenberg, ABCDT
ABC graduate Barry Rosenberg has spent over a decade trying to find a hobby that he could turn into something more. Since he had been a dog owner his entire life and had four dogs of his own, becoming a professional dog trainer seemed like a natural ...
12/3/2008 Founder of Florida Doggie Paws Rescue – Dale Blake, ABCDT
Rescuing dogs has always been a passion for Dale Blake, recent graduate of Animal Behavior College. In fact, he is one of the many people who took his love for animals to the next level; he enrolled at ABC and is the co-founder of Florida Doggie Paws...
12/3/2008 A Common Love of Dogs – Peggy Vennebush, ABCDT and Diane Desrosiers, ABCDT
Peggy and Diane were two strangers with a common love for animals who both enrolled at Animal Behavior College (ABC) to pursue a career in dog training. Little did they know that a year later, they would end up being successful business partners and...
12/3/2008 The Gentle Trainer – Michelle Payson, ABCDT
Michelle Payson, ABCDT, is a recent graduate of Animal Behavior College and is already making a name for herself as a positive dog trainer in her hometown of Douglas, MA. Michelle enrolled at ABC in December of 2005 and graduated from ABC with Honor...
12/3/2008 Training Dogs Nationwide - Andrea Collashaw, ABCDT
Andrea Collashaw, ABCDT, graduated Animal Behavior College in July of 2006 and is thrilled to already be working as a professional dog trainer. Ms. Collashaw is employed at Pet Peeves, a board and training facility where she has already successfully...
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