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Becoming a Dog Trainer & Dog Training Schools

Almost all dog training schools embrace and follow a dog training philosophy. Here you will read about ABC's dog training philosophy and what it means to become an ABC Certified Dog Trainer.

Training Philosophy

ABC's Training Program begins by teaching students how to build a proper canine/human relationship. It is our philosophy that creating a relationship built on positive interaction and consistency can often deter future unwanted behavior problems, facilitate faster learning and even solve some existing behavioral challenges.

From there, ABC Students learn how to become a dog trainer by teaching dogs new behaviors through luring, shaping, capturing or molding. ABC's Training Philosophy follows the scientific behavioral principles of operant conditioning and involves using the least aversive approach possible in every training case.

Animal Behavior College (ABC) believes there are many different types of training methods that work. While the ABC Curriculum primarily focuses on and encourages the use of positive reinforcement training techniques, we also provide our students with an overall education on correction and punishment. Although our bias is toward the use of positive reinforcement, we believe instruction which incorporates a variety of training methods and ideologies will provide the most comprehensive education for our students.

Our bias should not be interpreted as a condemnation of other training philosophies or dog trainer schools. It is not ABC's intention to credit or discredit trainers who use more aversive training techniques than those emphasized in the ABC Curriculum. However, ABC believes that by using a balance of meaningful rewards and following proven scientific training techniques, ABC Certified Dog Trainers will be able to provide safe, humane and effective dog training alternatives to the dog owning public. We have endeavored to go beyond the mechanics of obedience training and teach our students the importance of interspecies communication.

Ms. Debbie Kendrick
Vice President of Animal Behavior College, Inc.


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